Frank Auerbach - To The Studio (docmentary still)

I watched an amazing documentary last night – Frank Auerbach - To The Studio - gave me goose bumps!

It opens a rare window into his secret, obsessive but brilliant world. Fascinating and compelling, Auerbach’s work is fiercely original, disquieting and yet beautiful.

I saw Head of Gerda Boehm at Bowie the Collector, Sotheby’s, London in November 2016. Bowie said of this painting he owned:

“My God, yeah! I want to sound like that looks; it will give spiritual weight to my angst. Some mornings I’ll look at it and go, ‘Oh, God, yeah! I know!’ But that same painting, on a different day, can produce in me an incredible feeling of the triumph of trying to express myself as an artist.”

Oh to have an Auerbach to wake up to. I’ll content myself with the postcards I got from Tate Britain!

Auerbach once said: “What I’m trying to make is a stonking, independent, coherent image that has never been seen before … that stalks into the world like a new monster”.

I love scary monsters . . .

Artists At Work, Scottish National Gallery

I currently have a painting on display at the Scottish National Gallery as part of the Artists at Work exhibition (12 May – September 2018).

Artists at Work shows 74 works by members of staff from across the entire organisation. It is a varied and inspiring selection created by, amongst others, gallery attendants, conservators, retail team members and volunteers. All the staff are driven by a keen passion for visual arts, and many of them are artists themselves.

My painting, A Face Of Silk Everyday (number 51) is in the 3rd column from right to left and is the 2nd one down in the photograph above. So, please visit and then enjoy a view of Princes Street Gardens from the café!

Here are some recent comments left in the visitors book:

Thoroughly enjoyed visiting and seeing the originals of much loved favourites – found some new ones! Loved the Artists at Work!!

Hey, that’s pretty good

So wonderful to see such an array of work by the ‘Behind the scenes Gang! Really fascinating to read their histories. Thank you.

Brilliant – such talent and great to see it on display. Well done!

Beautiful especially liked no. 30. Interesting textures and shades


What a brilliant idea! and fascinating insight. Great variety. Make it annual!!

Loved it!

Excellent idea, amazing skill level and variety of media, subjects etc. This should be an annual fixture.
What a great idea to showcase the talent of the staff. I love the cockerel. So simple. So good.

This is a really lovely idea. I think, all of you should be more famous for what you do

Terrific idea – lovely work

What a great idea! Super inspiring and impressive to see the art of the gallery staff! Would love to see more!

Snake by Rose Wylie — Lolita’s House at David Zwirner gallery, London

Welcome to my new website. Here are a few things that have caught my eyes and ears this week whilst working on several new paintings. More to follow soon.

The Unknown Notebooks of Jean-Michel Basquiat — by Tricia Laughlin Bloom and Dieter Buchhart
Basquiat and the Bayou — Franklin Sirmans
Lomo photographs
Rose Wylie — Lolita’s House at David Zwirner (saw this in London in April and it is still lodged in my mind)

Held On The Tips Of Fingers — Polar Bear
Stage — David Bowie
Vrioon — Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto
Medway Wheelers & Steady The Buffs — The Buff Medways

Being There
World Cup 2018

Chroma — Derek Jarman
Think Like An Artist — Will Gompertz

"I feel ever so strongly that an artist must be nourished by his passions and his despairs." — Francis Bacon