York Minster
Low Tide - Peter Lanyon, The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, Leeds



On the 19 January 2022 I moved to York after twenty-five and a half years living in Edinburgh. It was both exhilarating and edgy. Moving house is one of life’s greatest stressors; but it’s also a thrilling new adventure. I needed to move, I needed new experiences and opportunities, and, as much as I loved Edinburgh (most of the time) it was time to let go.

“Let your home be your mast and not your anchor.” — Kahlil Gibran

Hello old York - the little apple, and hasta la vista Edinburgh.

I am open to possibilities and closer to London for visits!


Annie Morris: When A Happy Thing Falls – Yorkshire Sculpture Park Intense vibrant, pigmented, sculptures and tapestry. This exhibition made me feel joyous and alive!

Turner in January - National Gallery of Scotland. The exquisite works in the Vaughan bequest range from early wash drawings of the 1790s, to the colourful, atmospheric and wonderfully expressive late works executed on visits to the Swiss Alps during the 1830s and 1840s. They are always amazing to see. This was the last time I worked at the National Gallery too. Monday 17 January was a sad day. Goodbye brilliant gallery and colleagues.

Pictures of the floating world: Japanese Ukiyo-e prints – York Art Gallery. They are exquisite and thought provoking.

Derek Jarman Protest! – Manchester Art Gallery. This is simply brilliant! It is beautiful, challenging, warrior like, moving and intense. I have been an admirer since seeing Jubilee as a sixteen year old! I must see Prospect Cottage one of these days.

Eileen Agar: Angel of Anarchy – Leeds Art gallery

The Expressive Mark – The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, Leeds

This small but intense look at the influence of Abstract Expressionism on British artists had a big impact on me. I especially loved Low Tide by Peter Lanyon. I only discovered Lanyon through David Bowie in 2016 when I visited Sotheby’s in London to see Bowie’s art collection prior to the auction. Bowie had bought Lanyon’s Witness and it instantly resonated with me.

Van Gogh. Self-Portraits - The Courtauld Gallery

Francis Bacon - Royal Academy of Arts

Louise Bourgeois: The Woven - Hayward Gallery

Rose Wylie: Car and Girls at David Zwirner Gallery – How I love Rose Wylie’s work! Computer Car makes me feel happy!


Imagine John Yoko – The definitive inside story of the making of the legendary album.

Nina Simone’s Gum – Warren Ellis

Smiling in Slow Motion: Journals, 1991–1994 (The Journals of Derek Jarman, 2) by Derek Jarman and Neil Bartlett


Cat Power – Covers

Lester Young – Lester Young With The Oscar Peterson Trio

Ringo Starr – Beaucoups Of Blues

The Beatles – Past Masters

Brian Jonestown Massacre – Aufheben

Serge Chaloff – Blue Serge

Neil Young Crazy Horse – Barn

Keith Jarrett – La Fenice

Angel Grenades Exist Herb Men! – My latest homemade compilation painting CD

Michael Rother – Dreaming

Jah Wobble –  Fly



The Beatles Get Back – Peter Jackson. I watched all 8 glorious hours totally captivated and fascinated by the creative process. Brilliant observation of pure talent at times silly, infuriating, fascinating and beguiling. I gladly got lost in it.

Scrooge – Albert Finney 1970. Watched it yet again on Christmas Eve. Beautiful and uplifting.

Wings of Desire – Wim Wenders

Winter Walks – BBC

Liquorice Pizza – Paul Thomas Anderson

TheBeatles: Get Back -TheRooftop Concert – Peter Jackson

The Duke –  Roger Michell


York Minster against a blue sky! New life. Manchester Art Gallery. The Whippet Inn, York. City Screen Picture House, York


Don’t Cry Because It’s Over; Smile Because It Happened – Dr. Seuss

Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet. ― Thich Nhat Hanh, Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life




A3 Poster
Flask Monsters
Flask Monsters - Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Out of Sight Out of Mind

Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival

Summerhall, Edinburgh (ends 30 October 2021)

I recently designed another A3 poster for the Out Of Sight Out Of Mind exhibition now showing in Summerhall, Edinburgh until 30 October.

Out of Sight Out of Mind is part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival year-round programme and features digital artwork, installations, films, projections, animations, sculptures, photography, paintings and drawings from people who have personal experience of mental health issues.

I am showing one small work:

Flask Monsters
Acrylic, Oilstick, Chinagraph Pencil & Pencil on Canvas
30.5 x 30.5 cm | 4 February 2021

From L to R: Ashland Found Face (Washed Up), Ashland Ballet & Ashland Crow Children (Flapping Out Of Ash Towards The Rising Sun)

Granton Hub Madelvic House, Granton Park Avenue, Edinburgh EH5 1HS

granton:hub is pleased to announce that our community is now included in the ‘Coastal Knowledge’ project funded by the RSE Young Academy Scotland and led by Dr Niki Vermeulen (University of Edinburgh) celebrating Scotland’s (prolonged) year of coast and waters.

As a coastal community, Granton plays a part in developing diverse forms of knowledge about the coast and experiences that people have living and working on the coast.

The Recycl-Age Art exhibition was selected as part of this Coastal Knowledge project and is included in the 2021 Edinburgh Science festival, offering artists a unique opportunity to showcase their work. Recycl-Age Art 2021 includes painters, printmakers, collage artists, ceramicists, illustrators, photographers, textile artists, jewellers, composers, poets and makers. Many artworks incorporate recycled elements, indeed several are made of 100% recycled and repurposed materials. Some artists reflect on what recycling means to them, figuratively or conceptually

With contributions from: Marta Adamowicz –  Elise Ashby – Anna Baran – Emily Brooks Millar – Sandra Brown – Megan Chapman – Erin Colquhoun – Michael Dawson – Gina Fierlafijn Reddie – Penny Forbes – Komachi Goto – David Gray – Lorna Johnson – Jessica Kirkpatrick – Victor Nobis – Valerie O’Regan – Abigail Osborne – Ludovica Perosin – Ian Reddie – Judith Shaylor – Jacqueline Thow – Mark Urban – Rosemary Walker – Bev Wright

I am thrilled to have 3 pieces of 3D work accepted for this exhibition.

Please visit - art and recycling are important!